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Lassiter High School

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7:45 am to 8:15 am | 3:45 to 4:15 pm

*Please send a Remind Text to Coach Day prior to coming for office hours*

REQUIREMENTS: Students must read the blog, have watched the class videos for the unit and come with at least two questions and your unit packet pages.

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Science 1208


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Welcome! This is my sixth year teaching and my first year at Lassiter High School. Although new to LHS as a teacher, I am not new to LHS. I am a graduate of Lassiter and have grown up watching my dad teach and coach since the athletic program begin at Lassiter in 1982.

Experience I have taught various levels (honors, AP, etc) of Chemistry, Physics and Physical Science. I have extra certifications in Chemistry, AP Physics and ESOL. I received a Masters in the Art of Teaching: Chemistry and Physics from Kennesaw State University.

Philosophy I believe teaching is an art, a process and always evolving. It varies and changes based on the make up of your classroom: the student. My classroom is student focused where positive mindset and high school life management is championed. I believe ALL students can learn and be successful. I want to encourage all students to [B][E][A][M] by fostering a safe, secure and driven classroom that produces students to be productive members of society who think critically and strive to [b]e kind, [e]xplore, [a]im high and to [m]ake good choices.

Passion My passion is to teach high school students and increase a student's confidence to succeed not only in a science (heavily math based) class but in anything the students wants to achieve. I want students to grow and increase in critical thinking, collaborating, creativity and communication. I want students to leave my class with a greater appreciation for 1) the process of scientific thinking as outlined in the STEM curriculum, 2) contributing positively to the local and global communities and 3) their own unique abilities.