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School Year 2021 - 2022 

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Welcome! This is my 9th year teaching and my second year at Hillgrove HS. Prior, I have taught at Johns Creek HS and Lassiter HS. I am excited to join the Grove and soar with the Hawks.

Philosophy I believe teaching is an art, a process and always evolving. It varies and changes based on the make up of your classroom: the student. My classroom is student focused where positive mindset and high school life management is championed. I believe ALL students can learn and be successful. I want to encourage all students to [B][E][A][M] by fostering a safe, secure and driven classroom that produces students to be productive members of society who think critically and strive to [b]e kind, [e]xplore, [a]im high and to [m]ake good choices.

Passion My passion is to teach high school students and increase a student's confidence to succeed not only in a science (heavily math based) class but in anything the students wants to achieve. Inquiry based and flipped classroom are some of the models I like to use. I want students to grow and increase in critical thinking, collaborating, creativity and communication. I want students to leave my class with a greater appreciation for 1) the process of scientific thinking as outlined in the STEM curriculum, 2) contributing positively to the local and global communities and 3) their own unique abilities.

Current research:  
RET grant at GA Tech with the Manufacturing Department. (Summer 2022)

Teaching Experience:
I have taught various levels (STEM, honors, AP, etc) of Chemistry, Physics and Physical Science. I have extra certifications in Chemistry, AP Physics and ESOL. 

-Masters in the Art of Teaching: Chemistry and Physics from Kennesaw State University with an endorsement in Teaching ESOL classes
-B. S. in Chemistry from Kennesaw State University
-AP Physics Certified
-(completing Summer 2022) AP Chemistry

School Involvement:
Coached: Girls Golf, Basketball Cheer, Soccer and Wrestling. 
Sponsored: Science Olympiad Team (competed twice at MIT and finish in the top 5 at state), student council, FCA, Gladiator Army (army of student support - think supporters group/fans) and many more. I am a certified trusted adult by the SOS training.