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Teachers.io is an app where teachers can organize and share their class information with students using myHomework.

myHomework is an app where students can manage their school life. It replaces the traditional student planner with a great experience on students favorite devices.

myHomework was initially created in 2009 by Rodrigo Neri (Rigo) while he was still in college. A few years later he met Keith Entzeroth and Ryan Niemeyer while working at Cerner Corporation and it wasn't too long that they realized that they worked really well together.

The trio then decided to work on a side project together where they rebuilt myHomework from the ground up. A few months later they decided to launch Instin, a company with the mission of making every student a better learner by crafting practical and simple tools for everyone involved in the student's life.

Since then, myHomework has grown into one of the most popular education apps in the world and Instin's apps help students, teachers and schools around the world improve their organizational skills.

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