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Dressed as a fatuous monarch's pet

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 12:52 a.m.

"What is there to see? Glancing at the inscription on the last page, it is all the names of the people in the Chen Party.". Basically, it can be judged that this memorial is worthless-on the day I set out from the capital, I asked Fu Lu Shou to send a decree to the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of War to prepare military expenditure, waiting to reward the Thunderbolt Army and the army. In the past few days, I haven't seen a cent of the army's pay, but the Ministry of War and the Ministry of the Interior have joined forces to cry for poverty, and they have to send me two letters in a hurry. Li Chi-ming let out a contemptuous "sniff" from his nose. "Fortunately, this time I took out the money from my inner storehouse to pay the soldiers in advance. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't even beat out the great victory of Gan Ning. "Hey, you can't throw away the fold. What if it has some value?"? Who is the Minister of the Ministry of the Interior? He is so smelly and hard. You have fought a war. What's wrong with letting him pay a military expenditure? Li Lingjiang ran to the back to look for the memorial, and by the way, he stretched his neck and asked Li Chi Ming. The latter gave her a bad smile and touched her upper and lower lips and said, "Chen Weizhong." Li Lingjiang immediately threw out the memorial he had just found in his hand: "Forget I said nothing." "So how is your inner library?" Li Lingjiang couldn't help flattening his mouth. She remembered that Li Chi-ming said that the money for the construction of the princess's mansion was also from the inner treasury. Now it has given military expenditure. "No matter how rich the emperor's small treasury is, it can't stand this kind of trouble." "Yes," said Li Chi-ming in a loud voice. He touched the back of his head, with a cool smile on his face. He had the temperament of the boss of Jianghu. " There is not much money left, so I can buy you a car of Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste. Li Lingjiang rolled his eyes and did not want to make jokes with him. She sighed and said, "We'll start tomorrow.". The soldiers and the brothers of the Thunderbolt Army have made great contributions this time. Do you still like me? You can't neglect me. The Ministry of the Interior deliberately makes things difficult for people, which is really hateful! We have to think of a way! She suddenly turned to Li Chi-ming and said,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "Do you still like me?" The scene was so awkward that when Li Lingjiang finished asking, he felt that he was really shameless. But she can't help it. Who let Li Chi-ming not say. She had no choice but to mention this out of the blue when talking about other topics, hoping to force out Li Chi-ming's truth. Li Chiming was dumb and stared at Li Lingjiang for a long time. He closed his mouth and pretended not to hear. Li Lingjiang sighed heavily. Two days ago, Li Chi Ming told her about the past between Li Chi Ming and Li Ling Jiang. When he finished saying that a Yun jumped the tower, Li Lingjiang fell into a long silence. She sighed a moment later. "All right.." she said. Although you may not believe it, or.. you think I'm frivolous or something.. but I also like you. She looked at Li Chi-ming and stressed word by word, "I don't remember everything in the past.". Don't think of me as the same person as Ah Yun in the past. I am who I am. I'm not like her. But I like you. Li Chiming looked at her steadily and suddenly smiled. Shaking his head, laughing and lowering his head. He looked tired and helpless, and there was a sad desolation in his smile. Yun, listen to me. I loved you. But that's not right. I always feel that maybe it was the abnormal relationship between us that made you and Pei Xiaoxian unable to live a good life. No, 4 person jacuzzi ,whirlpool hot tub, I'm not accusing you. I want you to know that it's really my fault that our dysfunctional relationship has arisen. I also realized my mistake. So when you were lying unconscious in the hospital bed, I swore that if you woke up, I would give you a reward to compensate you and never disturb your life again. I will only let you be the most honorable princess of Yongjia in the world. Call the wind and call the rain, and you can get whatever you want. From now on, you are my sister, the most precious sister. But other than that, we won't have any other relationship. 'Call The wind and call the rain? What's the '? "Of what you want? Li Lingjiang asked him in reply. She stepped forward, stood on tiptoe and looked directly into Li's eyes. "Then I don't want anything else. I just want you, can't I?" "No." Li Chi-ming said. Stop fooling around, Yun. Be obedient and stop fooling around! "Who's messing around?!" Li Lingjiang was angry and angry, and felt that Li Chi-ming, who was always reasonable, was so sanctimonious and strange. "Since I woke up, you have been persistent to me all kinds of ambiguous, all kinds of strange, you are so good to me, so spoiled, I want what you give what!"! You always tell me about the past of you and Ah Yun, and ask me if I remember the story between you. These. These things. Which brother would do that? Li Chi-ming did not say a word, but looked at her painfully and hesitantly. Li Lingjiang sighed and lay decadently on Li Chiming's shoulder. She felt the man's body stiffen slightly. But it didn't push her away. Moments later, he spoke softly. Chapter 72 begging for money. "Ah Yun, listen to me, you are still too young to tell the difference between love and pity.". Your state of mind now is just because after listening to me talk about these past events, you feel pity for me. I am the Great Yan Emperor, you don't have to pity me-listen to me, listen to me, don't worry. "He raised his hand and touched Li Lingjiang's hair gently." I only hope that you can treat me like a friend in the future, and don't always guard against me like a thief. Yes, I can see that you were always wary of me. I did do something wrong, and I won't do it again. From now on, you, me, we are not related by blood. But I will always treat you like a sister. You will always be the most important woman in my heart, the most noble woman in Dayan. Is it good? He looked at Li Lingjiang with concern,jacuzzi manufacturers, his eyes sincere and sincere. But Li Lingjiang felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, as if he had been splashed with a bucket of cold water: "Did you retaliate against me on purpose?"! You were so good to me before, and your behavior.. Is that what a brother should do to his sister! Now you're telling me not to like you! Are you kidding me? 。 monalisa.com