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Dressed as a fatuous monarch's pet

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 12:52 a.m.

"What is there to see? Glancing at the inscription on the last page, it is all the names of the people in the Chen Party.". Basically, it can be judged that this memorial is worthless-on the day I set out from the capital, I asked Fu Lu Shou to send a decree to the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of War to prepare military expenditure, waiting to reward the Thunderbolt Army and the army. In the past few days, I haven't seen a cent of the army's pay, but the Ministry of War and the Ministry of the Interior have joined forces to cry for poverty, and they have to send me two letters in a hurry. Li Chi-ming let out a contemptuous "sniff" from his nose. "Fortunately, this time I took out the money from my inner storehouse to pay the soldiers in advance. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't even beat out the great victory of Gan Ning. "Hey, you can't throw away the fold. What if it has some value?"? Who is the Minister of the Ministry of the Interior? He is so smelly and hard. You have fought a war. What's wrong with letting him pay a military expenditure? Li Lingjiang ran to the back to look for the memorial, and by the way, he stretched his neck and asked Li Chi Ming. The latter gave her a bad smile and touched her upper and lower lips and said, "Chen Weizhong." Li Lingjiang immediately threw out the memorial he had just found in his hand: "Forget I said nothing." "So how is your inner library?" Li Lingjiang couldn't help flattening his mouth. She remembered that Li Chi-ming said that the money for the construction of the princess's mansion was also from the inner treasury. Now it has given military expenditure. "No matter how rich the emperor's small treasury is, it can't stand this kind of trouble." "Yes," said Li Chi-ming in a loud voice. He touched the back of his head, with a cool smile on his face. He had the temperament of the boss of Jianghu. " There is not much money left, so I can buy you a car of Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste. Li Lingjiang rolled his eyes and did not want to make jokes with him. She sighed and said, "We'll start tomorrow.". The soldiers and the brothers of the Thunderbolt Army have made great contributions this time. Do you still like me? You can't neglect me. The Ministry of the Interior deliberately makes things difficult for people, which is really hateful! We have to think of a way! She suddenly turned to Li Chi-ming and said,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "Do you still like me?" The scene was so awkward that when Li Lingjiang finished asking, he felt that he was really shameless. But she can't help it. Who let Li Chi-ming not say. She had no choice but to mention this out of the blue when talking about other topics, hoping to force out Li Chi-ming's truth. Li Chiming was dumb and stared at Li Lingjiang for a long time. He closed his mouth and pretended not to hear. Li Lingjiang sighed heavily. Two days ago, Li Chi Ming told her about the past between Li Chi Ming and Li Ling Jiang. When he finished saying that a Yun jumped the tower, Li Lingjiang fell into a long silence. She sighed a moment later. "All right.." she said. Although you may not believe it, or.. you think I'm frivolous or something.. but I also like you. She looked at Li Chi-ming and stressed word by word, "I don't remember everything in the past.". Don't think of me as the same person as Ah Yun in the past. I am who I am. I'm not like her. But I like you. Li Chiming looked at her steadily and suddenly smiled. Shaking his head, laughing and lowering his head. He looked tired and helpless, and there was a sad desolation in his smile. Yun, listen to me. I loved you. But that's not right. I always feel that maybe it was the abnormal relationship between us that made you and Pei Xiaoxian unable to live a good life. No, 4 person jacuzzi ,whirlpool hot tub, I'm not accusing you. I want you to know that it's really my fault that our dysfunctional relationship has arisen. I also realized my mistake. So when you were lying unconscious in the hospital bed, I swore that if you woke up, I would give you a reward to compensate you and never disturb your life again. I will only let you be the most honorable princess of Yongjia in the world. Call the wind and call the rain, and you can get whatever you want. From now on, you are my sister, the most precious sister. But other than that, we won't have any other relationship. 'Call The wind and call the rain? What's the '? "Of what you want? Li Lingjiang asked him in reply. She stepped forward, stood on tiptoe and looked directly into Li's eyes. "Then I don't want anything else. I just want you, can't I?" "No." Li Chi-ming said. Stop fooling around, Yun. Be obedient and stop fooling around! "Who's messing around?!" Li Lingjiang was angry and angry, and felt that Li Chi-ming, who was always reasonable, was so sanctimonious and strange. "Since I woke up, you have been persistent to me all kinds of ambiguous, all kinds of strange, you are so good to me, so spoiled, I want what you give what!"! You always tell me about the past of you and Ah Yun, and ask me if I remember the story between you. These. These things. Which brother would do that? Li Chi-ming did not say a word, but looked at her painfully and hesitantly. Li Lingjiang sighed and lay decadently on Li Chiming's shoulder. She felt the man's body stiffen slightly. But it didn't push her away. Moments later, he spoke softly. Chapter 72 begging for money. "Ah Yun, listen to me, you are still too young to tell the difference between love and pity.". Your state of mind now is just because after listening to me talk about these past events, you feel pity for me. I am the Great Yan Emperor, you don't have to pity me-listen to me, listen to me, don't worry. "He raised his hand and touched Li Lingjiang's hair gently." I only hope that you can treat me like a friend in the future, and don't always guard against me like a thief. Yes, I can see that you were always wary of me. I did do something wrong, and I won't do it again. From now on, you, me, we are not related by blood. But I will always treat you like a sister. You will always be the most important woman in my heart, the most noble woman in Dayan. Is it good? He looked at Li Lingjiang with concern,jacuzzi manufacturers, his eyes sincere and sincere. But Li Lingjiang felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, as if he had been splashed with a bucket of cold water: "Did you retaliate against me on purpose?"! You were so good to me before, and your behavior.. Is that what a brother should do to his sister! Now you're telling me not to like you! Are you kidding me? 。 monalisa.com

Wesley 090 (Go to Hades)

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 12:52 a.m.

It was a large area of rocky hillocks, and the undulating hillocks were covered with large and small stones. It was a miracle of geology. I don't know how many years ago, due to the change of the earth's crust, a mountain with crisp stones collapsed. It was a real landslide, and as a result, it became a large rocky hill. The stones on Luanshi Hill are about ten meters high, like a hill, and the smaller ones are as big as volleyballs. Seen in the moonlight, it was as desolate as if it were on a second planet. Because of the development of the city and the expansion of the urban area, this area, originally far away from the urban area, has now become a suburb, so this natural wonder has become the focus of outing. On both sides of the highway, there are many branch roads, you can see some houses, cars, and lights coming out, it looks very strange. The car continued to drive northwest, and soon entered the northwest mountains. The road had come to an end. There was a road leading to the mountains, which was barely drivable, but bumpy. Only then did Bai Su and Wesley look at each other and understand the real reason why Li Xuanxuan wanted to borrow their car! Wesley stopped the car. For a moment,endless swimming pool, his thoughts were confused. His first thought was: Li Xuanxuan is really not simple! He said, "Li Xuanxuan wants to use our car, but she knows that our car has excellent off-road performance!" Bai Su took a deep breath. "Yes, I have a good eye, but as long as I know something about cars, it's not difficult." Wesley snorted, "She decided to come here at that time, but she didn't tell you!" Bai Su has always maintained Li Xuanxuan: "I did not tell her that there is a signal transmission in the car,endless swim pool, we can track her!" Wesley drove further, less than a kilometer, and could not move an inch, unless he had his specially designed and modified car, which only tanks could drive through! On both sides of the road, there are also huge signs. Beneath the two big red characters of "Warning" is a striking sign of danger with a skull and a crossed femur. It is a worldwide symbol, and anyone can see what it represents at a glance. This is followed by a warning: "This is an abandoned coal mine site. The area is extremely dangerous and full of death traps. The authorities concerned are planning to clean it up. No one should enter the area. If you are in distress in the area, there are no rescue measures. Please pay attention." The tone on the warning sign is so stern, after looking, want to go in again, nature can, of course be born is outside, all responsibility should be conceited, and the person is not special! Wesley and Bai Su got out of the car-the warning was harsh, but of course it didn't stop them. The problem is, outdoor whirlpool ,jacuzzi suppliers, they have to walk to their destination! Both of them only thought about it for a few seconds, and then they walked forward together. Less than 100 meters away, there was no road at all. Where they set foot, there were knee-high weeds and shrubs, and there were many dark green bright spots that kept flashing. They were the eyes of all kinds of small animals. Under such circumstances, even Wesley and Bai Su had the idea of backing out. But there is a phenomenon that attracts them to move on. The phenomenon was that in the bushes and grass, there were obvious ruts, which had been left not long ago, which were the traces left by their cars passing here, and the ruts gave them a strong temptation to move on. After another hundred meters, Bai Su sighed, "There are still two kilometers to go. The situation ahead may be even worse!" Wesley spread out his hands. "There's no reason to go back and wait for her to reappear." Bai Su smiled, and as they talked, they did not stop at their feet. At the same time, they saw the rails in the grass and a rocking car used on the rails lying on one side. It was, of course, the equipment of the old mine. Wesley leapt forward and pushed the rocking car onto the track. Although the body was rusty, it was still working. He and Bai Su got into the car and pressed each other. The car made a squeaking sound and moved forward on the track. That was where the coal used to be carried, and naturally it went straight to the mine. About forty minutes later, the railway was in front of a huge cave. The cave was obviously excavated by hand, tall and neat, and was the entrance and exit of the mine. Two people looked forward, huge mine, a dark, and their car, there is still half a kilometer away, it seems that Li Xuanxuan drove the car straight in, parked in the depths of the mine! The two men took out a small flashlight at the same time. Although the flashlight was very small, it could adjust the brightness. When necessary, it could emit a very strong light. It was a necessary tool for explorers. Of course, if a strong light is used, the time of use will be shortened accordingly. It didn't take them too long. They only had to go about 500 meters to get to their car. Both of them used strong lighting together, but both of them also used strong lighting together. They only turned on the flashlight for less than a second, and then immediately turned off the flashlight, turning their eyes into darkness again. No, what they saw in that second left an impression on their retinas, and this impression became a memory through their brain activity. Memories can last forever, so although they can't actually see anything at this time, the fear caused by the scene just now continues. The scene they had just seen was not particularly frightening, but it was really frightening. In the light of two powerful flashlights, they saw that the walls of the cave were full of pink, like thousands of creatures that had no skin at all, but were constantly wriggling, crowded together! That's a newborn bat! There must be millions of bats living in this cave-all of them are out looking for food in the dark! Although the small bats full of holes can make people tremble psychologically through vision, there is no actual danger. But if one percent of the big bats that live in this cave come back looking for food, Wesley and Bai Su, no matter how powerful they are, will not be able to deal with the bats that pour into the cave like the tide! After the flashlight went out,indoor endless pool, both of them held out their hands to each other, their palms covered with sweat, and clasped together. monalisa.com

Be unique in the world

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 12:52 a.m.

Ye Xu swallowed a mouthful of golden blood in his throat, his eyes were cold, he looked down at the capital of Xianyang, and with a loud shout, he made the real body of the Jade Emperor compatible with his own body! He strode forward with a golden body like a God king. "Dong!" The sky suddenly collapsed when he stepped on it, and a huge black footprint appeared, shocking! "Xianyang, the capital of the emperor, break it for me!" Ye Xu commanding, fists like a mountain, mercilessly hit to the emperor's capital of Xianyang, he now thoroughly moved the heart of the earth-shaking, intend to this magnificent capital, with their own strength to break, forced out the hidden in the depths of the emperor, usurped the position of the first emperor's great master! Chapter 580 bring the antidote. Ye Xu from the memory of Xu Fanghu, has the strength of the imperial court of the Great Qin Dynasty, understand 7788, Xu Fanghu as the imperial censor of the Great Qin Dynasty, high in the position of assistant prime minister, but above him, there are many people's strength, far more powerful than him. In the court of Daqin, the imperial censor, there are about the prime minister, Daxiangguo,garden jacuzzi tub, Qiu, general and other official positions, these people, strength and repair for far more than Xu Fanghu, is the big witch of the three immortal territory, more body immortal, primordial spirit immortal, heaven and earth law immortal peak big witch exists! What's more, in Xu Fanghu's memory, Lv Chunqiu of Daxiangguo was an emperor! In addition,whirlpool hot tub spa, there are also many masters and strong people in the royal family of Daqin, and there is no lack of three immortal witches, and perhaps even the existence of the emperor, which is really unfathomable! Daqin is known as the largest holy land in the world today, which is not undeserved. Ye Xu shook the imperial capital of Xianyang with his own strength, which was indeed reckless and rash. But in his heart, did not think about this, even his own safety has not been in mind, just want to make a scene in the imperial capital, pull out that hidden in the imperial capital, usurp the position of the first emperor of the master! He swore to the first emperor that he would avenge him in his lifetime. If he did not avenge the first emperor, he would never become a witch emperor. This oath, Ye Xu deeply remembered in the bottom of his heart, dare not forget. The first emperor treated him with the kindness of half a teacher, with public and private, he wanted to personally explore the emperor's capital of Xianyang! In Xianyang, the capital of the emperor, the civil and military officials in the court had gathered together, China spa factory ,jacuzzi swim spa, anxiously waiting for the emperor of Qin to go to court. When Ye Xu attacked the imperial capital this time, Xu Fanghu, the imperial censor, went to battle and died. He only had time to say a few words of nonsense. He didn't even have time to say his own name. Then he was beheaded in a muddle. He really lost the dignity of the empire. Who is making trouble at the top? Emperor Qin came slowly and sat on the Dragon Chair. He asked calmly. His bearing was elegant, his body was coiled with dragon gas, his forehead was open and full, and his upper lip had two whiskers, which were separated from each other like dragon whiskers. His appearance is like a real dragon, and he is born to look like the right man. Back to your majesty, this man is the leader of the Star Watching Peak of the Yellow Spring Demon Sect, Ye Xu and Ye Shaobao. I don't know why they lost their minds and attacked our imperial capital. Neishi, who was in charge of the administration of the capital, stepped forward and bowed. Emperor Qin took his seat and looked around at his officials. "A little fanatic," he said lightly. "Do you want me to take him personally?" General Meng Zheng stepped forward and shouted, "I dare not work, Your Majesty.". I went to deal with him, but Ye Shaobao is a figure of the Demon Sect in the afterlife. After capturing him, what should be done with him? Your Majesty, please give me a golden mouth. Emperor Qin said indifferently, "Kill him to show the Dharma. Send his head to the Demon Sect in the afterlife, and hang his body outside the Meridian Gate." Meng Zheng received the decree and was about to go out of the palace to capture Ye Xu. Suddenly, he heard a bang and saw countless palaces smashed by Ye Xu's fist. He was furious and jumped out of the imperial palace. He looked up and saw Ye Xu standing over the imperial capital, with seven golden wheels of merit spinning behind his head, sending out bursts of magic sounds, like gods and Buddhas. Meng Zhengqi smiled, and the Dharma of Heaven and Earth emerged and poured into his body. He was also very tall. Holding Fang Tianhua's halberd in his hand, he split Ye Xu and said with a sneer, "Evil, die.." "Ding!" A huge golden bell suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xu. No one was ringing, the bell was ringing, and the magic sound was bursting, but it was the soul bell he got from the treasure house of the West Emperor of the South Gate of Heaven. As soon as the bell came out, General Meng Zheng was shocked out of his mind. Ye Xu took the opportunity to step on it and stepped on the chimney door above Meng Zheng's head. He stepped on the giant and fell from a high altitude. He crashed into the imperial capital of Xianyang and collapsed many palace halls! Swinging Soul Bell is a rare treasure refined by the Emperor of the West. All the treasures refined by the Emperor of the West are exquisite, especially Swinging Soul Bell. When Ye Xu collected this bell at the South Gate of Heaven, he also suffered a great loss and was almost scattered by this bell. Now he sacrifice the bell, general Meng Zheng not check, immediately lost the first chance, but he pressed down. But general Meng Zheng, after all, is a strong man at the peak of the three immortal realms. His body is immortal, his primordial spirit is immortal, and his heaven and earth are immortal. Even if he swings the soul bell, he can't break his soul consciousness. But Ye Xu stepped on his forehead and trampled him from a high altitude to lie on the ground in a big font. He almost collapsed the palace, but it made the general of Daqin feel ashamed and ashamed. He was hit hard. Gan Kun Ding! Just as he was about to get up and regain his face, suddenly a big tripod flew out of the jade tower on Ye Xu's head, and the sun and moon in the tripod were in sight. The big tripod, with four feet and two ears, grew bigger and bigger, and crashed down on him! The big tripod was so heavy that General Meng Zheng breathed fire from his seven orifices and could not struggle to get up for a moment. This Qiankun tripod was cast by Ye Xu's original nine tripods, and it was put into the power of the emperor by the overlord Lao Zu. It was extremely heavy, and even far more than the treasure of the emperor. Although Ye Xu can not urge, fully play the power of Gan Kun Ding, but with this big Ding pressure, but Meng Zheng this three immortal peak of the wizard, pressure can not get up! In the court, the civil and military officials shook their heads. General Meng Zheng was the commander in chief of the armed forces of the empire, representing the highest force of the empire, but now he was unable to get up under the pressure of a three-phase boy with Wu Bao. This kind of thing spread out,hot tub manufacturers, and the face of the empire would disappear! At this moment, Meng Zheng's heart, I am afraid that even the heart of suicide has. monalisa.com

After soaring

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 12:52 a.m.

After a roar, the nine demons rose into the air, drew a huge arc in the void, and then fell heavily toward Xuanluo. At the time of falling, the Nine Youyou Demon God made a virtual move, and in the middle of the earth, the black thunder and lightning halberd, which had been inserted into the depths of the ground, roared out of the air again and sank into the Nine Youyou Demon God's hands. Xuanluo raised his head and looked coldly at the nine demons that had been split with an overwhelming momentum. Just a brief encounter. Although the matter is hasty, Xuan Luo did not congeal all the power. But this is enough to let Xuan Luo understand the difference between himself and the other side on the level of power-simply on the power of the nine demons have reached the peak of power! "唳 ! When there were fifty feet away from Xuanluo, there was a trace of crazy killing in the dark pupils of Jiuyou Demon God. With a sharp roar, the halberd in his hand was thrown out again. At the same time, his palms were closed. Jiuyou Demon God's chest rose and fell sharply, and the waves of Jiuyou demon gas in his body quickly converged between his hands. Once again into a compressed to the real black ball of thunder and lightning, hands a raise, the terrible black ball of thunder and lightning out of the air, where the space is like dry land, one after another chapped. Crash! "Xuanluo finally escaped from the rock mass, and just a moment of strength was enough for him to take the opportunity to expel the nine evil spirits that had invaded his body and blast them into the mountain behind him." Field! With an exclamation, Xuanluo's legs bent and flicked, and he flew away like lightning to meet the nine demons. Halfway, with a single palm,whirlpool hot tub, a dark field of brilliance expanded at lightning speed. The thunder and lightning halberd, together with the nine demons, was instantly circled into the realm by Xuanluo. There was a flash of brilliance in the void, and Xuanluo disappeared. The place where Xuan Luo finally disappeared, from time to time there were bursts of explosions and roars, but there was no one there. I do not know how long, a figure suddenly catapulted out, with a canopy of black blood,endless pool swim spa, fell heavily on the ground, motionless. Choke! Immediately afterwards, a black halberd of more than twenty feet shot out of the void. Shoot next to the corpse of the Nine Demons. Not far from the body of the nine demons, there was a flash of light. Xuan Luo half crouched on the ground, his whole body covered with blood. Ahem! Xuanluo while stroking the chest, while constantly coughing, mouth constantly spit out blood, the blood splashed to the ground, but issued such as acid corrosion "Zizi" sound. Despite borrowing the power of the "realm", Xuanluo unexpectedly involved the nine demons in the realm, and then used the power of the realm to kill the powerful nine demons in one fell swoop, but he also suffered a lot of injuries. Silently breathing for a moment, Xuanluo's breath finally stabilized, and his face was ruddy. I don't know about the other clansmen. I hope they're all right! Xuanluo glanced at the strength of the nine demons not far away, and after deeply experiencing the power of the nine demons, endless swim spa ,whirlpool bathtub, Xuanluo could not help worrying, deeply worried about other clansmen. There are still some scattered low-level demons in this plane that have not been cleared away, and Xuan Luo is not ready to clear them one by one. Although there are no strong people in this ordinary plane, it is enough to deal with a few demons together. The most urgent thing is to inform the temple of the new situation as soon as possible. Xuan Luo did not dare to delay again, at the foot of a step, people have pulled out of the air, flying up a hundred Zhangs or so, crashed into the void disappeared. Then there were two fierce battles, United with Mujue and Wuluo. Xuanluo killed the two Jiuyou Demons in the adjacent plane. All three of them were in trouble. Fortunately, Xuanluo arrived in time. Otherwise, if he delayed for a while, he would not be the Jiuyou Demons. Mu Jue, Wu Luo, you hurry to inform the other clansmen, I return to the temple, inform the four supreme! The appearance of the Nine Demons is too abrupt. I'm afraid there's a big move! Xuan Luodao. Well, you go, my Lord. We'll inform the rest of the clan. The strength of these nine demons is so terrible that our attacks are often corroded by the nine demons before they hit their bodies! Remembering the face of the nine demons, Mujue was still shocked. The last time he faced them, the Pangu clan had to deal with these nine demons, but Mujue didn't feel it yet. This time, he felt the horror of these nine demons in person. The three men discussed for a while, and then separated. Mujue and Wuluo dared not separate again. They flew to other planes together, looking for other surviving clansmen, while Xuanluo flew in the direction of Taigu. So swift and swift, thousands of miles in an instant, about half a day later, Xuanluo suddenly heard a long roar in the distance, Xuanluo heart moved, that is the agreed signal before departure, immediately changed direction, to the place where the roar came. Lord Xuanluo, you're here! Moments later. In a meteorite belt, Xuan Luo saw a group of clansmen, each with injuries. These people were very excited to see the arrival of Xuan Luo. What are you doing here? Xuanluo's robe danced and slanted down from the void like a big bird, falling on the oval meteorite with a radius of about one hundred feet and a rough surface. Soon after we finished washing the demons in the plane, we met the nine demons one after another. In the people's successive statements, Xuan Luo probably knew the whole story. Everyone is basically the same. However, the strength of these clansmen is inferior, simply can not defeat the nine demons, only to maintain an invincible situation, but to see the fight, they only escaped. You get together for a while, so that when you meet a single nine demons, you can watch each other. You go to look for other people first. The raid of the Nine Demons was so sudden that everyone finally acted together. I'll go to Taigu first and report the situation here to some of you. The appearance of the Nine Demons here has completely transcended the level at which we were originally dispatched to carry out the'cleansing 'program of the plane. At present, we alone do not have the ability to fight against these nine demons. Moreover, we do not yet know how many of the nine demons have reached the void, I hope not many! Now,5 person hot tub, only a few supreme and some of the top strong people in the clan have the ability to deal with the Nine Demons! I'm going to tell a few of you. Ask for a few supreme rulings! Then Xuanluo wanted to fly to Taigu. At that moment, a cry came from the crowd: "Your Excellency, please stop!" 。 monalisa.com

If you give me three days to see

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 12:51 a.m.

At noon, we began to prepare lunch. He lit a fire in the deep pit that had been dug on the ground, set up thick and long branches, and barbecued the meat kebabs with iron wires. The dark-skinned servant crouched around the fire, waving long branches to drive away the flies. The smell of the roast was so strong that my stomach was rumbling away before the table was set. While we were busy preparing for the picnic, the hunters came back in twos and threes. They were exhausted, their horses were foaming, and the hounds were wheezing with their heads, asking what they had got, but nothing. During the meal, everyone claimed to have seen more than one deer, and that it was close to the hurricane, and when the hounds were about to catch up and raise their guns to shoot, it suddenly disappeared. They were as lucky as the little boy in the fairy tale. The boy said he almost found a rabbit, but all he saw was the rabbit's footprints. Soon, the hunters put all the unpleasant things behind them and sat around the table. However, instead of venison, they served roast beef and roast pork. Who told them not to shoot deer? This summer, I raised a pony of my own in the mountains. I call it "Black Beauty." It's the name of a book I just finished. This horse is very similar to the horse in the book, especially the black hair and the white star on the forehead are exactly the same. I spent many happy hours riding on its back. When the horse was docile,endless pool factory, Miss Sullivan loosened the reins and let him roam free. The horses stopped at the side of the path to graze, and then bit the leaves on the small trees. In the morning, when I didn't want to ride, I went for a walk in the woods with Miss Sullivan after breakfast. So he deliberately let himself get lost between the woods and the vines, where there was only a path for cattle and horses. When the bushes get in the way, make a detour. When we come back, we always bring back several large bunches of flowers and plants unique to the south, such as osmanthus,endless swimming pool, goldenrod, Pteris multifida and so on. Sometimes, I would go with Mi Zhuli and my cousins to pick persimmons. I don't like persimmons, but I like their fragrance, and I prefer to look for them in the grass and leaves. Sometimes we picked all kinds of mountain fruits. I helped them peel chestnuts and break the hard shells of pecans and walnuts. The walnuts were really big and sweet! There was a railway at the foot of the mountain, and the train often sped past us, and sometimes it made a long, shrill sound that frightened us into the house. My sister would come nervously and excitedly to tell me that there was a cow or a horse walking around on the railway, but she was not moved by the sharp whistle. About a mile away from the villa, there was a viaduct that spanned a deep gorge, and the distance between the sleepers was so great that walking on the bridge was like stepping on the tip of a knife. I never thought of taking the bridge until one day, Miss Sullivan took me and my sister lost our way in the woods and turned around for hours without finding the way. Suddenly, my sister pointed to the front with her little finger and shouted, "Viaduct, Chinese spa manufacturer ,hot tub wholesale, viaduct!" " In fact, we would rather take any other difficult path than cross the bridge, but it was getting late, and there was only one shortcut in front of us, so I had no choice but to stand on tiptoe to test the sleepers. At first, he was not very afraid, and he was still walking steadily. Suddenly, from a distance, there was a faint sound of "puff, puff". Here comes the train! Cried the younger sister. If we hadn't fallen on the crosspost immediately, we would probably have been crushed to pieces. What a close call! The hot air from the train hit me in the face, and we were almost choked by the soot and ash. The train ran away, the viaduct shook, and people seemed to be thrown into the abyss. It took us a lot of effort to climb back up. When we got home, night had already fallen, and the house was empty. They all went out to search for us. Section 13 The White World After that trip to Boston, I spent almost every winter in the north. Once I went to a small New England village for the winter, where I saw frozen lakes and vast snow-covered fields. For the first time, I experienced the infinite mystery of the ice and snow world. I was surprised to find that the strange hands of nature had stripped the trees and jungles of their coats, leaving only a few scattered dead leaves. The birds flew away, leaving only empty nests piled with snow in the bare trees. The high mountains and the vast wilderness are full of bleak scenes. The power of the Winter God has hardened and numbed the earth, and the spirits of the trees have retreated to their roots. All life, curled up asleep in the dark ground, seemed to have disappeared. Even when the sun shines brightly, the day is still shrunken and cold, as if its blood vessels have withered and aged, and it climbs up feebly, just to take a dim look at the cold world. One day, the weather was gloomy, indicating that a snowstorm was coming. Before long, the snow began to fall. We ran out of the house and caught the first snow with our hands. Snowflakes drifted silently from the sky to the ground for hours on end. The field became flat and white. When I got up early in the morning, I could hardly distinguish the original appearance of the village. The road was covered with snow, and there was no sign to identify the road, only bare trees standing in the snow. In the evening, there was a sudden northeasterly wind, which rolled up the snow and snowflakes everywhere. The family sat around the roaring fire, telling stories and playing games, completely forgetting that they were isolated from the outside world. During the night, the wind was blowing more and more fiercely, and the snow was getting heavier and heavier. We were very frightened. The eaves rattled, the trees outside swayed from side to side, and the broken branches kept beating against the windows, making a terrible sound. It was not until the third day that the heavy snow stopped. The sun peeped through the clouds and shone on the vast white rolling plain, surrounded by grotesque mounds of snow. We shoveled a narrow path through the snow, and I put on my turban and cloak and came out. The air was cold, and my cheeks were hurt by the wind. Teacher Sullivan and I walked in the middle of the path for a while,outdoor spa manufacturers, then walked into the snow for a while, and came to a pine forest with one foot deep and one foot shallow, and then to a wide grassland. monalisa.com

Through the legitimate daughter of the official family

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"I am your father." Meditation Qi bent down and picked up Baoquan, who had grown very tall, from the bed. Dad? Bao Quaner's eyes lit up at once. "Dad!"! Dad's back! Mammy! My father is back! He put his arm around Qi's thoughtful neck and cried, "Daddy!"! My dad's back! I have a father, too! Just then, a heart-rending cry came from the next room, "Changsheng!"! Changsheng! Open your eyes! Changsheng! Changsheng! Shen Jianxian was originally tied up tightly in the ear room to sober up. As soon as he woke up, he heard the cry outside. He could not tell that the person crying was his wife. "Who?"? Who's crying? A girl ran in and knelt on the ground, "Grandpa!"! Grandpa! Brother Shou is gone! Shen Jianxian only felt that his chest was hit by a huge stone weighing ten thousand catties, and he felt a heavy pain, and his throat vomited a mouthful of blood. %%%%%% The author has something to say: Considered for a long time, or decided to let longevity die this situation happen, the child was born with dystocia, did not eat will take medicine, and in the face of the actual broken family, can be said to be born in the rich village but never enjoyed happiness, finally died, also took away his father's life, Shen Jianxian to his son, in fact, is very much But because of his own demons,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, he could not express this kind of love. 169. Return to Beijing for reunion Wu Yi had thought about what the situation was like when she returned to Beijing, but she didn't think it was so bleak. Except for the two stone lions in front of the door, the whole house was depressed as if it was frozen. The eldest son and grandson Shen Shou died in infancy, and the prince Shen Jianxian vomited blood and died. Such a blow is fatal to any family. Meditation Qi, dressed in filial piety, greeted his wife in front of the door. Wu Yi had already taken out plain clothes from her luggage, removed the embroidery on them, and wore silver jewelry in her hair. Shen Dai also changed into a white jacket,outdoor hot tub, and even Aibao's swaddling clothes were changed into white cloth. At this time, no one thought about the so-called small family with only one family living together, and no one could bear it except them. Wu Yi walked all the way forward, along the way the servants saw their line of people, bow to salute, there are several have cried out, these years Fengen Hou Fu bear too much. In the main hall, Marquis Shen's beard and hair had already turned white for the most part, and Xiao was dressed in blue, with empty eyes, as if he had emptied. Wu Yi had almost forgotten what these people looked like before, but when she saw them, the sadness that suddenly rushed into her body made her unable to control herself. She knelt down, "Hou Ye, wife, Whirlpool bathtub ,outdoor whirlpool tub, the unfilial daughter-in-law is back." "Come back, just come back." Shen Hou Ye seemed to be able to say only this sentence, and when he saw the two children held by the two nurses behind him, there was finally some warmth in his eyes. Xiao, on the other hand, had no reaction, and her mind was still turning. Why was the eldest son gone, and the eldest grandson gone? It was not until Aibao, who was kneeling in the arms of the nurse and was extremely uncomfortable, groaned in a low voice that she seemed to wake up with a start. "You're back-Second Daughter-in-law, you're back late.." Xiao said, "Our family." It's not like a home anymore. Kong Shi held Xiao Shi, "sister-in-law-the children are happy to come back.." These days, Kong Shi has been accompanying Xiao Shi. Wu Yi knelt and took two steps forward. "Madam, if you feel uncomfortable, you can cry." Cry? Xiao Shi blinked, her eyes were dry and painful. She looked around. "Where is Baoquan?"? Where is Baoquan? Who is watching Baoquan? Meditation Qi held Xiao Shi from the other side, "Baoquan is just sick, and he is sleeping after taking medicine." "No, bring me Baoquan!" Xiao Shi said with some kind of fear, "Bao Quan'er is my lifeblood, and he can't have another accident." The nurse brought the security guard, who had just come out of bed and was obviously in a bad mood. When the security guard saw Xiao like this, he was calmer than the adults in the yard. "Grandmother, I'm coming.". Ó His eyes involuntarily looked at the strange woman with tears in her eyes. The woman was dressed in plain clothes, as beautiful as Guanyin in the painting. "Mother?"? Are you my mother? Wu Yi nodded her head. Baoquan gave a cheer and hugged Wu Yi's thigh, "Mother!" "Bao Quan Er!" Wu Yi cried out, kneeling on the ground and holding Baoquan in her arms. But the security guard was a little embarrassed. He pushed Wu Yi and stepped back. "Son, pay your respects to your mother." "Be good." Wu Yi's lips trembled and touched Baoquan's hair. Only then did Xiao seem to really wake up. She looked at Baoquan. "Baoquan, this is your mother." "Yes, grandmother, I've already met my moth." Did you salute your mother? Don't abandon the ceremony because of love. "Salute." The security guard said as if he were coaxing a child. Since his uncle and Changsheng were gone, coaxing his grandmother had been his daily duty. "Grandma, have you seen my brother and sister?" Like a little adult, he guided Shen Hou Ye and Xiao Shi to see two strange grandchildren. Shen Dai sucked his fingers and looked sideways at Bao Quan'er. "Brother." Finally, from the low perspective of the ground, as the nurse stood up and rose to the normal perspective, Aibao waved with satisfaction. The vitality of the two children, like the spring breeze, suddenly dissolved the freezing of Shen Hou Fu, and this summer finally had some summer appearance. Shen Siqi and Wu Yi saw Xiao Shi holding a child in one hand, Shen Hou Ye holding Baoquan son contentedly, the heart is finally put down some, children always have the ability to dilute the adult heart injury. When it was time for dinner, Wu Yi stood behind Xiao with the dishes for her, meditating that Qi was taking care of Shen Lao Hou Ye and Shen Hou Ye. Bao Quan'er had no chance to be alone with his mother, but his eyes refused to leave Wu Yi at all. His mother behaved gracefully and gently,outdoor endless pool, with a smile at the corners of her mouth. Although she was serving her grandmother, her eyes were always watching the three brothers and sisters sitting together. After discovering Baoquan's eyes, he would always return with a knowing smile. monalisa.com

My cat is my girlfriend.

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"Well, very well, you're the best." Lin Jiangnan comforted her while carefully moving toward her. Of course, I'm Song Tianran. I'm an international supermodel. Not everyone can be a queen. Speaking of this, Song Tianran's eyes flashed a trace of color. The author has something to say: Today is the 31st ~ There are four and a half hours before the little angel's nutrient solution will be cleared, so ~ ~ ~ ~ PS: If we can receive 2000 bottles of nutrient solution, we will add more tonight. Jinjiang exclusive first 53 "Do you know why I asked you to be here?" Song Tianran asked. I do not know Lin Jiangnan shook his head. Let me tell you a story. She said. In fact, this is the place where I first met Jiang Cheng. At that time, I was just a small model. At most, I could only be an amateur model. I was often bullied by other models when I walked on the stage. It was really hard at that time. It was so hard that I wanted to give up this career for a time. However, when I was injured on the runway again, I came to this hospital. I didn't know what I was thinking at that time, so I climbed up to the top floor of the hospital. It was here that I practiced walking on the roof for the first time. As I walked, I looked down. You know, the people and cars on the road became so small that they were like ants. Song Tianran seemed to fall into his own memories, Lin Jiangnan did not dare to interrupt her, her eyes have been looking at her,massage bathtub manufacturers, but the footsteps are careful to move to her there. I was thinking that if I jumped from here, I wouldn't have to work so hard, I wouldn't have to bear so much, so I slowly faced the ground, like this, open my arms,jacuzzi bath spa, I thought I would jump like this, jump, and I would be completely free. Song Tianran said as he did so. With her back to her, she opened her arms and leaned forward slightly. When Song Tianran turned his back to her, Lin Jiangnan quickly took a few steps forward, but as soon as she took two steps, Song Tianran turned his head. But do you know what happened at this time? Lin Jiangnan's pace stopped abruptly. I do not know What happened. "" She tried to look natural. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me. "He said it was better to think about how to trample them under foot like ants than to think about giving up like this." You know what? From then on, I fell in love with him deeply. I thought we could be like this. Even if we didn't fall in love, even if we didn't respond, we could go on like this. But after a while, the color in Song Tianran's eyes dimmed in an instant. But now there's nothing, there's nothing. She lowered her head and murmured. She stepped back step by step. That's because you think too much. If you have to think that you have nothing, hot tub spa manufacturers ,american hot tub, then you have nothing. But if you think so, you still have nothing to lose. Lin Jiangnan had already walked up to her, and she slowly stepped onto the roof, just a few steps away from her. She glanced down and felt dizzy. Go back. Stop it. You won't have nothing. At least you have some fans who really like you. Lin Jiangnan's words seem to make Song Tianran a little loose. Will they still like me? She looked at her. Yes. But I have done so many things to hurt you, will you still hate me? Will you forgive me? Tears ran down the corners of her eyes. No, I have nothing to hate you, let alone forgive. Lin Jiangnan is really telling the truth, she did not hate her, at best just hate her. She held out her hand slowly. Give me your hand. Song Tianran looked at Lin Jiangnan who held out his hand to him, and did not know why, as if she had been bewitched, she also slowly held out her hand to her. But when their fingertips touched each other, Song Tianran's eyes suddenly flashed a light, she quickly reached out and grabbed Lin Jiangnan's hand, and then pulled Lin Jiangnan to her side, her arm on her neck. Lin Jiangnan was stunned in an instant. You You did it on purpose. She said in disbelief. How interesting Song Tianran suddenly smiled, gloomy, her back in front of her, she can even feel her body is cold, cool let Lin Jiangnan heart fear from inside to outside a little bit of breeding out. Yeah, am I still calling you overflowing with compassion, or am I calling you stupid? Lin Jiangnan tried to calm herself down, and she adjusted her breathing slightly. So, what do you want to do now? She asked calmly. Her calmness was somewhat unexpected to Song Tianran. At this time, I really admire you for keeping such a mentality, but I don't know whether you are really not afraid or pretend to be not afraid. Said, Song Tianran dragged Lin Jiangnan and slightly back a step. Lin Jiangnan's white forehead was already in a cold sweat, and his palms were tightly clenched together. Do you think it would be painful for Jiang Cheng to see you shivering like this? "What do you mean?" "Ah, I just forgot to tell you that after I sent you a message and saw you coming from the roof, I sent Jiang Cheng another message, because he should be on his way now." Song Tianran smiled. What on earth do you want? "I don't want to do anything. I just want to see what Jiang Cheng's expression would be if he saw the person he loved most falling down from here. Think about it. It should be wonderful." "You madman, madman!" "Yes, I'm crazy, I'm already crazy." "Clang"! There was a loud noise and the door on the top floor was kicked open. You see, speak of the devil. "Song Tianran, what are you doing?" Jiang Cheng's eyes were staring at her, his hair was slightly messy, and in the winter,best whirlpool tub, he was already wet with sweat, and his chest was rising and falling violently. Lin Jiangnan's eye socket is a little raw pain, the heart can not stop the sour. monalisa.com

The best childe

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Ye Wudao's game immediately brought about related reactions, even Ye Zhengling was stunned, but what surprised Ye Zhengling even more was that Ye Wudao solved all the troubles from beginning to end, which made Ye Zhengling and many outsiders headache! "Have you ever had sex?" Ye Wudao suddenly came out with a sentence that made Xia Shiyun angry and embarrassed, and made Kong Qihua blush. Of course, Ye Wudao's hand was still "bold" on Xia Shiyun's waist, a joke, threatening him to kill the superior shadow Lengfeng? It's as funny as a prostitute asking what a hymen is. Don't insult Shiyun! Kong Qihua's words trembled a little because of his anger. It seems that Ye Wudao's blasphemy against the goddess in his mind really stimulated him a lot. For Xia Shiyun, who was completely conquered by him as soon as he met him, the aloof and aloof Xia Shiyun is like the sacred and inviolable snow lotus in Tianshan Mountain. It is a luxury for a mortal to look up to it. It can be said that he never thought of getting Xia Shiyun's body when he pursued Xia Shiyun (this is really much higher than Ye Wudao's consciousness, and now Ye Wudao wants to.. What he wants to do most is to be able to guard his goddess, that's all. Insult? Ye Wudao's dissolute laughter, blurred eyes and melancholy temperament made Kong Qihua, who was in the state of "rival in love", feel a great threat. The latter took a careful look at Xia Shiyun, a holy and perfect woman in his mind. It seemed that Xia Shiyun could never be so close to a man in his impression, but at this moment she always hung her head. Kong Qihua, who was born in a rich and powerful family, was a little nervous. Shiyun, do you think this is an insult? At the moment, Ye Wudao, who had released his evil temperament heartily, narrowed his long and narrow black eyes, raised Xia Shiyun's chin with his slender fingers, and the smile at the corners of his mouth was amazing. In the distance, Dugu Emperor had begun to sweat, because he knew that the shadow Leng Feng, who had killed countless people on a rainy night in London, had begun to take it seriously,Surveyors tape measure, and that the seemingly bloody and arrogant actions of the Green Wolf Gang had not really made the prince use all his thoughts. Unexpectedly, the prince also had such a time, and he began to have a strong curiosity about the woman whose appearance seemed to be comparable to Murong's snow mark. Seeing that Ye Wudao, who bullied others too much, insulted Xia Shiyun so much, the exasperated Kong Qihua waved his hand, and the powerful bodyguard behind him was about to come forward to solve the garbage for his master. But before he could take a few steps forward, wearing sunglasses, he felt a chill in his abdomen, and an expressionless woman appeared in front of him. When she stepped back, the great pain engulfed his reason in an instant, and he collapsed on the luxurious and exquisite carpet, turning in his grave. Apart from Dugu Huang holding a crystal wine glass in the distance, Mochizuki Luan Yu retreating behind Ye Wudao, Pi tape measure ,Fiberglass tape measure, Liu Yunjian, who knew Ye Wudao's power, and of course Ye Wundao, who was still "molesting" Xia Shiyun, all the people present were at a loss, panicked, frightened and trembling. Xia Shiyun was dumbfounded to witness this scene, and Kong Qihua beside him could not believe pointing at Ye Wudao and could not speak. All this happened too fast, but it showed the most Frank side in the abrupt. In fact, many people do not have much awareness of the imminent death. Ye Wudao kissed the wet and pink lips of Xia Shiyun, who was at a loss, in full view of the public. Then he raised his head and smiled at Kong Qihua and said, "Then you can take part in the game as Xia Shiyun's fiance." Chapter 149 visits from relatives. The boss of the Wu family looked at the chaotic situation and couldn't help smiling bitterly. "Miss, your man is really a different man. First, because of a word, he cut off a finger from a famous figure in Hangzhou and kicked it into the West Lake. Now, he killed a living person. Alas, the old man who killed me has done a lot in his life." But young man, can't you clean up the garbage in a slightly gentler way in a slightly different place? You should know that this kind of thing is still a bit of a headache to deal with, and do not know how many hairs to lose, Ye Wudao, Ye Wudao, the descendants of the Confucius family were so played by you, it is really worthy of the title of prince. Ye Wudao, is this because you are young and frivolous and don't know the depth of heaven and earth, or because you have a well-thought-out plan? But in any case, your conceit of being the only one in the world for me is very good for me, a bad old man. It seems that it will be all right if I don't help you and the young lady in the future. The old man quickly showed his ability to respond, and the idiot could see that the guy on the ground had gone to God or Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva to report, but the old man "explained" that he had suddenly fainted and carried him out of the hall. Those who could sit here chatting and drinking were not fools. Since the host had said so, he pretended not to see or hear anything. Kong Qihua, who had no steps to go down, was about to have an attack, but was suddenly pulled by the manager of the villa who appeared beside him. The old man said a word in his ear and then glared at Ye Wudao. Ye Wudao, with a brilliant smile, shrugged his shoulders and took a glass of the best wine handed over by Mochizuki Luan Yu. He raised the glass to Kong Qihua to show that he would not send it. You will regret what you have done today one day! Xia Shiyun, who had been released by Ye Wudao, said lightly. The Kong family is more powerful in Asia economically and in all aspects than the Yip family, which is headquartered in Washington. Although it is not comparable to the Yang family in politics, it is also not to be underestimated, especially in Taiwan's political circles. In Taiwan, where the plutocrats are in power, it is the secret families that really control the political situation, and the Confucius family is one of them! Regret? No, Ye Wudao never does anything he regrets, even if it's really wrong! From today on, you'd better be fully prepared,cattle weight tape, because many things need a certain degree of psychological endurance to accept. Finally, the Kong family owes China land, and I will spend a little bit of thought to get it all back! 。 tapemeasure.net

The Princess's Twenty-First Ring

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He loved Qingyue thirteen years later. Helian Huanxue is always a moth to the fire for him. So, where the little one goes, she follows. Her father gave her the luminous pearl, still bright as new, she hung it around her neck, she thought, that should be their last day. Qingyue's body was still there, and the night wind wrapped her up in a damp mist. Shaohe called Qingyue in a low voice, drew his sword and flew up to the city gate, cutting off the rope. As they had guessed, torches, bows and arrows, the generals guarding the city, Huanxue and Shaolai were besieged. Shaocheng laughed. I, Wanyan's family, fought for Dajin for many years and devoted myself to my work. The grievance will be redressed one day. Wanyan Shaocheng advised the emperor with his life today. He just wanted to investigate the truth thoroughly and return my father's innocence.. In the distance, Huanxue watched the young man cut his own throat with his sword, and then fell down beside the pale and cold body of a woman. She pushed away the sword in front of her, and her palm was cut and bloody. But she just ran,Walking tape measure, ran to the young man, knelt down, and took his trembling hands. He smiled at her with difficulty and said that it had nothing to do with you and that you should take good care of yourself. At that moment, he suddenly saw the faint light on Huanxue's neck and stared at her hand for a long time. He suddenly felt that everything was so familiar, as if he had not been able to find it for thirteen years, and even Qingyue had never given him such a suitable temperature. He said, thank you. Huanxue smiled with tears. She thought he finally understood that some things could not wait,Walking measuring wheel, and this thank you was the only reward in her life. [VIII] Huanxue was brought into the palace and brought to the gold owner. She thought she would be executed soon, but the man in front of her left her in the harem. He said, "You will stay with me and serve me in the future.". Huanxue said yes, but I want to see Wanyan Loushi. The emperor promised. Someone had already told Wanyan Lou what had happened outside, and when he saw Huanxue, two lines of tears flowed out of his old face. He said, I hurt you. Huanxue was stunned, but after listening to Yan Loushi said, I know you have always had a doubt in your heart, Huanxue, I told you that I took you back to Wanyan Mansion because I saw the red mark on your arm that day. You are my biological daughter of Wanyan Loushi. You and Shaolai are half-brother and half-sister. Huanxue froze and fell to the ground. More than twenty years ago, I was just a nameless young man who was arranged to spy on the military situation of Liao in the capital city. Then I met your mother. We wanted to escape from the Shanhaiguan Pass, but the Liao Emperor suddenly married her, Wheel tape measure ,Fish measuring board, and she was forced to marry Helian Qingyuan. A year later, the emperor ordered me to return to Jin. On the day I left, I went to see your mother secretly. She told me that your name was Huanxue, your name was Wanyan Huanxue, and there was a red cinnabar mark on your right arm. For so many years, I have never mentioned it to anyone, including Shaoyi. Huanxue covered her ears, but every word still hit her clearly and heavily. She kicked at the cell door and cried in a low voice, "Why haven't you told me?"? Why Why Wanyan Loushi sighed, if I had told you, would you believe the words of an enemy who killed his father? But I can't hide it from you all my life. This may be the last time we meet. I have to say. Child, you forgive me. [9] Huanxue was glad that she had not told Shaomian that the woman who claimed to be Qingyue, whose surname was Yelu, had done everything from assassination to framing because she hated the Jin emperor for making her father a prisoner and suffering humiliation. She also hated the Jin general Wanyan Loushi who had captured her father; She even hated all the golden people, who made her lose her beautiful clothes and her noble position. But Shaolai loved her. She has always been pure and perfect in his heart. He has no regrets. This may be the best ending. Then, Princess, let Huanxue take your place and try to stab the silver dagger into the emperor's heart. The Bright Moon Is Like a Dream The moon is like a dream Wen/Yu Xiao Yan Ran Minor Heat, Like a Dream Ru Meng has been pruning two newly planted cloud bamboos in the garden. Unconsciously, it is dusk. The wind blows through the budding water lilies in the small pond, with the damp smell of twilight. Guan Yansheng came back and walked gently behind her, with a colorful dough figurine in his hand. He put his hand in front of her with a smile, and she smiled. The man who took the mask looked over and over. Guan Yansheng asked, do you like it? She nodded. Turn around and look at him. Guan Yansheng felt a strong sour and huge sigh in his heart, and he forced him to go back. He took her hand and went into the room as if nothing had happened. Early the next morning, Guan Yansheng carried the Yuqian Longjing he had personally made for Rumeng. When he put it on the table, he trembled a little and was scalded by the splashing water. His facial muscles twitched violently, but he quickly calmed down. When Ru Meng drank the tea with a smile, Guan Yansheng's forehead was already oozing sweat. Ru Meng stood on tiptoe to wipe it away for him, but suddenly he lost his strength. The brocade handkerchief fell from his hand, like a butterfly with broken wings. Immediately, Ru Meng's body fell heavily. Looking at the weak woman in front of him, Guan Yansheng cried. But like a dream, he smiled coldly. Beginning of Summer, unsolved cases Some time ago. Yan Sheng often woke up in the middle of the night, opened his eyes, black as ink, cold as water. The doors and windows were closed, and there was no light from the moon. His wife, like a dream, lay beside him, sleeping soundly, breathing evenly, with a faint smile on her lips. She is such a beautiful woman that almost no one in Hangzhou can match her. The official family and the Liu family were originally family friends,tape measure clip, and before the child was born, they were already married. So when Yansheng and Rumeng were very young, they seemed to know that they belonged to each other. tapemeasure.net

Happy Piggy of Rebirth

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Yang Manling helped Zhu Xiaoxiao pull up her clothes, put on her sandals, and watched them go downstairs and sit in the car and walk away. Yang Manling turns round to come back to continue to tidy up the house, there knocks on the door to remember again, looks up to see "sister-in-law?"? What are you doing here? Come in and sit down. Xiao Yue'e smiled and carried a small basket of pigeon eggs to Yang Manling. "My brother-in-law's pigeons began to lay eggs recently. They sent me some last night. I thought that eating pigeon eggs was good for Xiaonan's skin, so I brought some to Xiaoxiao." Yang Manling smiled and poured a cup of chrysanthemum crystal to Xiao Yue'e. "You are really right. Keep it for Xiaozhi and Xiaoyong. It's time for them to grow up." "I still have it at home. Besides, why do boys want good skin? It's true that they have strength." Xiao Yue'e took a sip of water and looked at Yang Manling. "Manling, why does that car always come to us these days? What are they doing here? I see how Xiaoxiao got on the bus alone just now. Yang Manling looked at Xiao Yue'e quietly. Her sister-in-law was not a bad person. She just liked to talk and gossip. After thinking about it, she decided not to tell her about it. "I'm not sure. Last time my eldest brother took Xiao Xiao there. I heard that he was going to study or something." "I don't know why you let Xiao Xiao go with them?"? What if it's that kind of human trafficker? I'm not talking about you. Lao Zhu is not at home. You should pay attention to this aspect. Xiao Xiao is cute. If you're abducted, you'll have to jump on your feet! Xiao Yue'e asked for a long time without asking anything, and she was a little unhappy. These days, Aunt Zhang upstairs and Grandma Xu next door were all asking about her car. When they saw Zhu Xiaoxiao sitting in the car, they all thought that there was a rich relative in their family who was trying to curry favor with her. Now it's all right. My sister-in-law doesn't know anything about it. No, don't worry, sister-in-law. How can someone who can afford to drive a car do that kind of thing? By the way, my unit bought a few pieces of Dacron a few days ago. You can make a shirt with it. Then he went into the room and wrapped a piece of material in a newspaper for Xiao Yue'e. Xiao Yue'e said she was embarrassed and reached out to take it. After Xiao Yue'e left,horse weight tape, Yang Manling thought that when Xiao Xiao came back tonight, she must tell the young man who came to pick them up that the car could not come back in the future. It was better to stop at the bookstore. Anyway, it was only a few minutes' walk from here to the bookstore. She could send Xiao Xiao to the bookstore every morning, where she could always avoid some neighbors and avoid any comments between neighbors. After Zhu Xiaoxiao sat in the car, the young man ordered a few words in a low voice, and the car started. Obviously,Horse weight lbs, it was not the direction of the hospital this time. The young man took out a few books from his bag. Zhu Xiaoxiao looked at them. There were Shuke and Beta, 365 Nights and Detective Buckwheat Skin. These were her favorite storybooks when she was a child. She saw those familiar covers again. Zhu Xiaoxiao grinned a big smile, carefully took the books, and said thank you to the young man. The young man shook his head and said no. He took out a few newspapers from his bag and looked at them. Zhu Xiaoxiao held these books in his hands and looked out of the window in a good mood. At this time, there were not so many neon advertising boards on the road. They were set up on several propaganda boards beside them. They were also large with the words "only one good". There were tall street trees on both sides of the road. Almost white, white Dacron shirt, beige boxer shorts, tall 28-inch bicycle, this is the real history ah. After driving for a period of time, the car drove into a relatively narrow road, with bustling breakfast stalls on both sides of the road. Zhu Xiaoxiao looked at the familiar firewood wonton at the window, Diameter tape measure ,Adhesive fish ruler, as well as the golden fried dough sticks that had just been picked up, and the white and tender tofu flower, and could not help swallowing saliva. In Zhu Xiaoxiao's previous life, because of poor gastrointestinal function, So Yang Manling has not allowed her to eat breakfast outside, such as this kind of split wonton and so on, only occasionally when Yang Manling is resting at home, she will buy a small wonton skin and meat, and find a casserole to cook for Zhu Xiaoxiao. But Zhu Xiaoxiao always stubbornly believes that the firewood wonton is to be burned on the firewood to have that taste, so in a way, Zhu Xiaoxiao also has a very stubborn side. The young man smiled when he saw Zhu Xiaoxiao's greedy cat appearance. The little girl had never looked like a three-year-old girl since she knew her. Now she was looking at her while swallowing saliva, and it was more normal. Are you hungry? Wait until grandpa's home, let aunt give you some snacks. "As he said, he pointed to the breakfast stalls on the road:" Those are very unsanitary. You see, when we drive past, the dust runs into the food. You are eating the dust directly. Do you know what kind of dust it is? It's just dirty stuff, lumps and lumps. Zhu Xiaoxiao Jiong is not good, looking at him with a kind of alien eyes, so little ash, not to mention the naked eye can not see, is so little ash he can not stand, to put him in 20 years later, those melamine, those Sudan red, then he is not to eat anything, directly become immortal. Chapter 22 of the main text Zhu Xiaoxiao Jiong is not good, looking at him with a kind of alien eyes, so little ash, not to mention the naked eye can not see, now so little ash he can not stand, to put him in 20 years later, those melamine, those Sudan red, then he is not to eat anything, directly become immortal. The car drove all the way along the lush Avenue and finally stopped outside a vermilion hollowed-out iron gate. On the left side was a small reception room. After the driver rolled down the window and handed the certificate to the guard in the reception room, Zhu Xiaoxiao was released. Zhu Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue. It was the first time she had entered such a senior cadre's residence. The car was parked in a special parking space. Gu Yeting hugged Zhu Xiaoxiao out of the car,fish measuring tape, Zhu Xiaoxiao looked up, only the first glance, she was deeply attracted by the beautiful small villa in front of her. tapemeasure.net