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Published Jan. 18, 2023, 12:39 a.m.

At this time of full confrontation, Zong Shou's back, unexpectedly faintly, emerged nine dragon shadows of different shapes. Almost every step, there is a dragon shadow, from virtual to'real '! The Platinum Dragon. Dragon of Aoki, Dragon of Thunder, Dragon of Xuanyin, Flaming Dragon, Instantaneous Dragon, Xuanhuang Dragon, Ice Dragon-when each dragon shape, from the previous virtual shadow, into a solid, roaring and circling. On Zong Shou's body, the shadow of the sword, which has already turned into'substance ', is even more condensed. Confronting with Longwei, he did not fall behind at all. Only the whole body, it seems that some do not bear the rent, constantly tearing open a shocking scar. Zong Shou didn't care at all, as if the scars were not on his own body. And when the nine dragon shadows suddenly gathered in one place, they faintly turned into a sword shape. Zong Shou had taken the last step and came to the front of the Dragon Dan. The power of the sword is strong, but at the moment it is turning the tables. His ninety-nine dragon shadow sword, faintly, unexpectedly overwhelmed this dragon power! Indifferent and emotionless, looking at the already lustrous and slightly dim Longdan, Zongshou directly bent his fingers and flicked, and in an instant the whole spirit array collapsed. And the Dragon Dan, when it lost its restraint,industrial racking systems, immediately turned into a golden light and flew away from the door of the temple. It's just a dead thing. Where do you want to fly? Soul power a move, the dragon Dan, firmly bound. But this thing is still struggling fiercely, and his soul power is at loggerheads. But when Zong Shou, with a sword to bear down on it. Then one by one to play a magic amulet, eventually is gradually this divine realm dragon Dan, firmly bound, income into their sleeves. When he stepped out of the gate again, Zong Shou frowned for the first time and looked at himself all over. Blood dripping, scarred,automated warehouse systems, even if it is to take a few as high as the eighth order of the elixir, is unable to make it heal. This is still on the surface, his internal organs, the injury is more serious, all are not compressed deformation, almost broken. These injuries, however, are not due to the oppression of Longwei. But his own, can not bear the'sword soul 'level of martial arts ideas, and caused by the injury. Sure enough, the breath is less than seven steps, and there is no qualitative change. The strength of the physical body is still somewhat inadequate. After a sigh, Zong Shou remembered the words of Ye Feishuang before. For more than ten thousand years, no one of the Dragon Clan has ever been able to get the eighth spiritual object. Here, it is indeed stronger than once. Every time you take something, the test behind it is bound to be stronger. Compared with the previous relaxed freehand brushwork, this time, it is slightly awkward. Even he, also dare not say oneself, can have the harvest again. And then look out, but only at this time Zong yuan, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, I do not know how, but is in the distance with a fierce battle. Zong Shou glanced over there, and then his eyes narrowed dangerously. yuan Shi Mo Zong? This time yuan Shi Demon Sect, it seems that this person is the only one who has entered the real inheritance place of the Dragon Clan. But it is also a ninth-rank, holding a black wooden sword, standing on an altar. Separated by a distance of three thousand feet, Yaoyao controlled three seven-rank soul beasts and trapped Zongshou. In this place of inheritance, all people's cultivation is firmly suppressed to the seventh rank. Even if the spirit master, also can only be here, the imperial envoy on the seventh order escort, at this time the three seven order soul beast, is not the original place, at any time, there is a danger of being destroyed by the original. The Riyou Spirit Master of the yuanshi Demon Sect seemed to be well aware of Zongyuan's fighting power, and only the three soul beasts had escorted and contained him. Oneself is on the Dharma altar, ceaselessly performing the spiritual method, striking out from afar. And a Xuan Jingui, who was suppressed to the seventh rank by the secret method, never left his side. The principle of Zong stood in the distance, and step by step, it was very solid, and it went in the direction of the Dharma altar. All kinds of powerful spiritual methods around the body come one after another, but they are often just formed, and they are broken by his thunder gun. They are not free and easy, but they are also calm and only slightly laborious. And two people nearby, there are three people looking at in the distance, Fang Ming is also inside, all flashing a trace of inexplicable luster. Zong Shou raised his eyebrows, and then he gave a sneer. Carrying the broken autumn sword in his hand, he walked silently in the direction of the altar. That surging intention to kill, also all convergence. Qi movement is also restrained to the extreme. The whole person, as if he did not exist, approached quietly. The rest of the people, are not aware of, that Fang Ming but suddenly a frown. Then he chuckled and suddenly dodged between Zongyuan and the altar. With a slight brush of his sleeve, he scattered a flash of fire directly. Brother Luo Mingdao, there are so many spiritual things here. Why do you hurt the harmony for such a small thing? Now there is still a lot of time left, in this careful search, it is not necessary to lose the east corner, the mulberry elm. Your Highness Zong Shou, what do you think? When Luo Ming was stopped, he was slightly angry and his eyes were full of dissatisfaction. Reminded by Fang Ming at this time, he was suddenly startled. Chapter 511 Dark Devil Relic. Looking back, Luo Ming saw a young man behind him, carrying a bright sword. Already without any sound, close to their own within a hundred feet. And that appearance had been seen before in the vast stone hall outside. Impressively is that dry Tianshan Zongshou, with one's own strength, make the presence of all Zong, can not speak of the demon king! Immediately in the heart a burst of horror, control the altar, fly up thousands of feet, far away to avoid. The three escorts in the distance were assassinated one by one by Zongyuan in an instant. Zong Shou frowned and looked at the sky. The idea of killing simply did not cover up, and the nine-headed dragon shadow behind him circled and shook the air. But just when he was about to do it. "Luo Ming at the top, however, made several amulets in succession, and covered his whole body, including the altar, with a few blood-colored splendors." Magic Blood Rainbow Charm- Zong Shou frowned slightly, but his intention to kill was even more intense. He knew this amulet, and he had to choose ten people to practice a special skill. When the strength reaches a certain level, then take the essence and blood of the heart. Only by using this blood as ink can we draw this magic amulet. It is said that ten more people's blood is needed for each additional power. It is the Demon Sect, a top amulet. With only one, it can be equivalent to a three-level defense device of the same level, and it can also be stacked. As soon as Luo Ming used it,medium duty racking, it was four seventh-order magic blood rainbow light charms, two hundred and eighty lives, and he really looked up to himself!. kingmoreracking.com