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Rebel minister _ Cai someone

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 1:05 a.m.

"Then this time, why is Dahangtai in a hurry?"? At this time of the year, the Bai Palace is about to be cut off. We have a general. He can't count on the old Bodhisattva. The sheep and crow's nest is hanging still, waiting to pick up the leak! "Xiao Yan, you can see through it very well!" Murong Shao is very appreciative, the secret way is a piece of uncut jade, is too rough, given time to polish, is also a piece of good material, the total of his young mind mostly from nature, the general and spoiled, small mistakes, also do not pursue, in the long run is a knowledgeable but not sophisticated temperament. I can't stop you, Brother Mingyue, from going! Murong Shao smiled, Xiao Yan was speechless, limped out again, and blinked at Cheng Xin: "Zhang Wu, you said Murong Dahangtai didn't want to fight, but why did he agree?" Hearing this, Cheng Xin smiled and said, "General Xiao Yan, if you ask, I'll say a few more words. Who are those people like General Hu Lv?" "They are all the children of the older generation of generals in Jinyang," said Yan Jiuyun. "That's right," Cheng Xin nodded meaningfully, "they are the general lineal, generations for the general, confidant of the confidant, Murong Dahangtai was originally a subordinate of Erzhu, now suddenly in danger ordered, commander in chief of the armed forces, the hundred thousand are soldiers in Hebei and Shandong, he can't control the Jinyang army. When the time comes, in case of a law of the general to say two words in front of the general bungle the fighter plane, the big platform can also get the general trust? As for letting them go to fight, if they lose,warehousing storage solutions, they will be convinced. They will not rush forward again. Dahangtai will lead the troops. If they win, it will be better. As soon as the three armed forces follow up, Bai Gong will die even if he doesn't die. When the words came down, Yan Jiuyun was convinced and could not help praising: "Zhang Wu, I think it's a pity for you to be a little soldier!"! When I'm ready, I'll take you to earn a good living! Promise is full of pride, Cheng Xinyan in this, just a smile, saying "where is the blessing of the villain" see the sun is weak, accompany Yan Jiuyun into the back room burning charcoal fire. Back at the headquarters, as soon as Hu Lvguang stirred up, Duan Shaoben was very calm. He thought about it for a long time and felt that it was not impossible to have a try. Several people surrounded him and decided on the plan: the soldiers were divided into two groups. Hu Lvguang and Duan Mao led the army of Bai Palace to fight in the north of the Vortex Water. Duan Shao is another cavalry, taking advantage of the northwest wild wind,shuttle rack system, set fire all the way, burning the south bank. Will be together out of qiaocheng, Jinyang ride all the way south, along the north bank of the vortex water, a line spread out, iron hoof is shaking the earth shaking momentum, opposite the cypress palace of the horse, early found movement, afraid of Wei Jun rob crossing, army also then hurriedly out, for a time, cold wind shake water, drum show flag, the two armies across the narrow surface of the vortex water, on the array. Viceroy, Bai Gong doesn't move! Lieutenant squinted, sighed, the distance is too close, less than clairvoyance, the opposite army face can see clearly, just that outfit, compared with Wei Jun, cloud mud. Hu Lvguang thought about it, gazed at the wind direction of the big horse, without hesitation, pulled up the reins of the horse, cantilever racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, jumped out, galloped to the water and walked back and forth two circles, observed for half an hour, fixed his eyes, took the arrow in the quiver with his backhand, pulled a long bow, aimed at the army of Bai Gong and fired a series of sharp arrows, without exception, the arrow passed through the chamber and fell off the horse and died. Only the last arrow, because the wind suddenly increased, a little off, hit the other side of the sudden riding hat, the man turned over and dismounted, hurriedly holding an arrow, to the cypress palace. The cypress palace looked down, this just found is a Ming dysprosium, the reason for the wind, cover the past, then, call to lieutenant field moved: "The one who can shoot this arrow must be the eldest son of the old man Hu Lvjin. Yan Qingyuan gave him the title of'Diao Du Du '. The younger generation dares to be so rampant. You go to dampen his spirit!" Then he scolded Hu Lvguang, "Your father and I are old friends. How dare you shoot me?"! And dare not cross the river, must be taught by Murong Shao, see you do not have this insight, go back! Hearing this, Hu Lvguang got angry and lost face. He secretly said, "Murong Shaochang, I'm almost twenty. Twenty years later, how do you know I'm not as good as him?"! This side thought, Tian Qian while he was unprepared, quickly take the arrow, although it is against the wind, but the strength is amazing, Hu Lvguang dodge, body a crooked, fell down from the mount, the original is this arrow, directly hit the horse, fell to the ground. Extremely humiliating, just in front of him, he couldn't bear to swallow, and then he changed the horse again. This time, with the help of a thick tree, as soon as he pulled the bow, he heard a roar in his ear. The secret passage was not good. Sure enough, there was a long hiss behind him, and the horse fell with a crash. The arrowhead with trembling feathers was deeply embedded in the neck of the horse, and the blood flowed down and there was no more life. Dendrobium law light is annoyed and ashamed, don't want to cypress palace hand bottom unexpectedly also have marksman, oneself unexpectedly only in the leeward, the slightest bit cheap can't get, but under, had to take a deep breath, calm down, under the cover of QinBing galloping in the side, a grab the reins, turned over, quickly fled back to the array. See the situation is very bad, all ride to see the viceroy had no defense, morale, can only by the opposite guffaw, enjoy the taunt, from riding a pawn hurriedly gallop toward the direction of qiaocheng, will be reported to Murong Shao. Murong Shao's face, which was roasted by a small brazier, was black and red. He listened in silence, as if he had expected something earlier, and sighed to the Lord in vain: "It's time for me to block the general's book again." Lord Bo was quite helpless: "When Daxiangguo was there, the cypress palace just thought that the wild geese were flying. How many people could control it?"? The general is young, this can't hold him, before a few were beaten away, presumably the general will not blame Ming Gong. Sure enough, at dusk, the news is even worse, a cavalry stumbled in the newspaper: "The viceroy failed to use fire, and General Duan Mao's head was cut off, and our army was defeated!"! The viceroy is on his way back with General Hu Lv! "Pa", Murong Shao hands double chopsticks fell to the ground, look at the main thin, this is "Chuan" eyebrows, twist out a bitter hatred: "The spirit is too much this time!" With that,industrial racking systems, he ordered people to go out to meet him and count the casualties. He ordered the Lord to prepare his pen and ink and write in person. He wrote everything in detail. His heart sank and he laughed at himself and shook his head: "I haven't been famous for half my life. This time, if I hadn't been able to make a remarkable achievement, I wouldn't have had another chance!" 。 jracking.com