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Born again and married to a billionaire

Published Jan. 18, 2023, 1:02 a.m.

She resisted, shut her mouth, and put her hands against his aggression, but never against his overbearing. His hot and humid tongue ignored her refusal and rushed into her mouth, without a trace of hesitation, caressing every corner of her mouth, and her sense of resistance seemed to fly out of her body. He pulled the shirt out of her skirt bit by bit, running his flaming fingers over her skin and sweeping the tip of his tongue across her gums. Be good and open your mouth. Seeing that she refused to cooperate, he pulled away the hand blocking her chest, pushed up her bra, and then covered her chest with hot palms, slowly kneading and playing. She resisted in every way, but he kissed her more passionately, and his trembling tongue was held in his mouth, reaching into the deepest part of her mouth again and again. Anyi's willpower is disappearing, she only felt hot all over, like swinging in the cradle, unable to exert herself, and did not want to exert herself, so she was passively kissed, touched and loved? An emptiness from deep within that soul is slowly fil. She could not stop sighing at the comfortable feeling of every sweat pore in her body. After sighing, her lips, tongue and body began to cooperate with his crazy entanglement,steatite c221, like a demon sinking. Without resistance, his big hand finally went all the way. Easily found the unbuttoning of her bra, untied and pulled out the skirt that rudely pulled her up, impatiently stroked her thighs, only to find that there were stockings, and could not help but roar with annoyance. She laughed and looked at him sweating, but she was too lazy to move a finger, let alone help him. The phone rang suddenly, breaking the charming scene of the two people. Anyi seemed to be awakened by pouring cold water. In a trance,Ozone generator ceramic plate, as if he did not understand what he had just done. It was not until the phone rang again that she suddenly pushed away the man on her body and stumbled to pick up the mobile phone on the ground. .。 PS: Hand type full text first, please remember the site's domain name God-horse = small-said all the Pinyin, very easy to remember.Chapter 162 of the beginning of the first volume is a lively morning. Chapter 162 lively morning. The phone rang suddenly, breaking the charming scene of the two people. Anyi was suddenly awakened by pouring cold water, and in a trance, she did not understand what she had just done. It was not until the phone rang again that she suddenly pushed the man on her body and stumbled to pick up the mobile phone on the ground. "How to just receive?" The clear and cold voice of Qi Kui came, making the reason of Ann Yi return. Well, there's something. "Director Star, let me tell you that he will come to you tomorrow morning to discuss the contract." "Mmm." "Don't worry, I'll be there, too." She hung up the phone, picked up the clothes on the ground in a panic, and was about to rush out. On the way, he was fished out by the man on the bed and hugged tightly from behind. Let me go, let me go?? "She gasped, her back pressed against her strong chest, ceramic bobbin heater core ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and at the same time, a feeling that she had never felt before ran through her. She suddenly felt that she had become small, and he was the mountain that trapped her.". A sense of frustration that can't compete with it arises spontaneously, and Anyi struggles hard to get rid of this feeling. Where are you going so late? "I??" Anyi glanced up at the clock. It was two o'clock in the night. The rain outside has stopped long ago. Yeah, now get out, where can she go? Can stay She has already lost her courage, and how to face him? In a hurry, she subconsciously lowered her head and avoided his sight. The red lips trembled, choked, and tried to break the arms that imprisoned her body, but she was trapped more and more tightly. She was angry and anxious, panting, and said, "How can you do this to me?"? In your eyes Am I so casual? "Don't think about it. I never thought about it like that." "Is that still so to me?" An Yi face with grief and indignation, eyes also contain tears. With a sigh, he took her in his arms again, patted her on the back, and said gently, "I really like you. I regretted letting you go that day.". So, seeing you again, I can't help but want to hug you and kiss you. I really can't control this feeling. Ó At this point, as if he did not know how to go on, he pursed his lips and turned to look out of the window again. That handsome and comely face, unexpectedly for the first time let Ann Yi look reluctant to turn his eyes. Instead of explaining, he straightened her body and pinched her chin. "Tell me the truth, Ann. Do you hate me kissing you and touching you?" Then he lowered his head and sniffed in front of Anyi's neck, ignoring her flushed face. A path to let the warm breath potted at the root of Anyi's ear, Anyi could not help but tremble. Aware of Anyi's reaction, his voice seemed a little dry, his Adam's apple moved, and then he said, "So, my Anyi is so shy!" For a long time, as if she had seen enough of her shyness, she picked her up, kicked open the bedroom door, and gently put her on the bed. Then, closing the door from the inside, she jumped into bed beside her and carefully covered her with the quilt. This series of actions are as familiar as if they were husband and wife. Anyi was still staring at him, as if he were a rare animal in the country. Chu Zhichen looked at her in puzzlement and shrank to her side with grievance: "It's so cold and uncomfortable on the sofa.". My wound is just right, Anyi, you won't be so cruel to let me sleep on the sofa, will you? Only then did Anyi remember that the man in front of him was still a patient. After thinking about it, it was really wrong, not to mention that he was the young master of her employer, and there was no reason for him to sleep in the living room. Anyi nodded and agreed to his proposal. Chu Zhichen's mouth slightly raised, proud has not yet reached the fundus, but saw her holding the pillow, out of bed. Where are you going again? "My room is reserved for you. I'll go to Huayue's room to sleep." "You??" Chu Zhichen angry knot, this inflexible rigid woman, they just clearly have been so close, how can she forget everything in a twinkling of an eye,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, pretend that nothing happened? "Well, I won't move you. Don't be afraid. Really, just sleep here." 。 global-ceramics.com