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**Notes about Digital Learning during Covid-19 Social Quarantine**

1. I will be posting daily assignments that should take approximately 20-45 mins to complete, though this will vary person to person

2. I will be using Zoom to host "Live Stream Lessons" a couple times a week.  These sessions will allow me to deliver the more difficult content and to supplement the text/readings with examples and explanations like I would in class. While I encourage you to participate "live" I am recording these sessions and posting them in a shared Google Drive Folder
               Forensics Google Drive Folder
               Physics Google Drive Folder

3. I am also available to help you 1-on-1 during the equivalent of school hours (8:30-3:30).  Just shoot me an email or a remind text and we can easily set up a video or audio only (your choice) call through Zoom. I'm also here for you if you're stressed out or anxious about this whole thing-so if you just need to talk I'm here for you! 

4. Here's what we are going to try for turning in assignments to me. 
        a. Assignments are going to be due on Thursdays by midnight.  
        b. Using your school Gmail account, create a Google Drive Folder (with your name                     included in the folder name) and share it with my school gmail                                           (crossh@fcsgaonline.org)                  
        c. Put/save all assignments in this folder! I should be able to go in a grade/check                         off all your assignments this way. 

Any questions? Just let me know!

Class Schedule
1st - C. Physics
2nd - C. Physics
3rd - C. Physics
4th - Lunch
5th - Forensic Science
6th - Forensic Science
7th - Planning/Weight Training

Remind Class Links

Text @k7g8fb to 81010

Forensic Science:

Text @che6dcg to 81010