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This is my 14th year of teaching with experience from Northview High School. I have been a part of Johns Creek High School since its opening and am currently teaching Biology for Fulton Virtual School over the summer. In addition to teaching, I sponsor the Gladiator Robotics Team. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy  traveling, reading, watching movies and TV, and hiking.

Random trivia about me:
-I have traveled to 15 different countries. (Korea, England, Italy, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic)

-From my travels, I have ziplined through tropical rain forests, snorkled to the "wall" of an ocean, walked on burning coals, hitch-hiked in a foreign country, kayaked through a bio-luminescent bay, scuba dived in an underwater museum (www.musamexico.org) and swam under a waterfall. My husband and I are also open-water certified scuba divers and go to a different location at least once a year to dive.

-My cultural background is half-Korean and half-Caucasian and I can understand and speak Korean fluently, although it's gotten rusty over the years.

-I am a lover of animals and currently have a miniature schnauzer, Walker and a tank of freshwater fish.

-Attended the University of Georgia for my two Bachelor's degrees in Science Education and Biology. Three years later, I attended Georgia State University where I obtained my Master's degree in Educational Leadership.