Project Details

3D Mask

Fall 2017

Art One

Date Due

Oct. 24, 2017

Additional Info
Use the rubric and the videos to create your mask.
USE this LINK to watch a video on the process.
1. Cut out the pieces of the face from the two sheets of paper.
2. Carefully arrange the pieces on a single sheet of cardboard.
3. Using your glue bottle, glue the pieces onto the cardboard. Make sure you lightly glue both the inside and outside.
4. Outline the dash-dot lines with a red colored pencil. Outline the dash lines with a green colored pencil.
5. Carefully cut out the glued down pieces from the cardboard.
6. Flip every piece over, draw a line in the same place that your red dash-dot lines are.
7. Carefully score the red dash-dot lines on the back.
8. Carefully score the green dash lines on the front.
9. Fold every score line away from the score.
10. Using masking tape, begin lining up the numbers and taping them together on both the front and the back.
11. Once you tape the entire mask together, coat it in a primer coat selected from the paint tubes.
12. Using the mask template, design your features on the mask.
13. Complete your mask using designs and patterns created with the following options:

A. An analogous color scheme (google analogous color schemes to find examples).
analagous color schemes

B. A day of the dead themed mask
Use this link to see examples of "sugar skull" designs

Use this link to see "Dia de los muertos" designs
C. Any other type of patterned design that uses the entire face area.
patterned designs