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Welcome to Helena High home of the Bengals!

My name is Randy Hussey, students refer to me as Mr. Hussey or just Hussey, either is fine.

It is my sincerest hope that you enjoy your time at Helena High and actually have fun. I am passionate about learning, sharing information, and planning for your future - college and career readiness. I wish you all success in my classes and in all your adventures during your years here. We will ALL learn and grow together.

I love teaching and being involved in all HHS activities so let me know what your interests are and my family and I will cheer, support, and encourage you in any way we can. I look forward to learning and enjoying with all of you. 

It is my 11th year teaching English at Helena High School and I have experience teaching all levels however my focus has been on the junior and senior levels. 

It is also my 5th year as the HHS Football coordinator so I will see you at the games.

I serve as adviser to multiple student clubs:
  • Travel Club (Every Tuesday @ lunch in Rm. 26)
  • MBI (Every Wednesday @ lunch in Rm. 26)
Feel free to ask me about any of the great clubs at Helena High