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  • 2019-2020
  • Technical Writing & WRIT 121T

    Ended on Thursday, June 4th

    Technical Writing is a senior level English IV credit bearing that also is offered as dual credit (WRIT 121T) . In Technical Writing, students will learn to create and edit effective pieces of writing for diverse audiences, including professional and technical fields. Students will work on the mechanics of writing and editing, audience analysis, style, and tone – all for specific purposes and audiences. We will also spend time learning how to write for the electronic media. Products of Technical Writing will include but are not limited to: manuals, how to (instructions), process, analysis, letters, e-mails, memorandums, presentations, business models, brochures, business plans, and other professional documents. Students that enroll in Technical Writing will actively write, focusing on the college and career ready ideology. Many activities and assignments are focused on real world experiences and will include hands on activities. I believe in Project Based learning and lessons will compound into final unit projects.

  • Reading the Movie (Elective)

    Ended on Thursday, June 4th

    Welcome to Reading the Movies! This elective is designed to sharpen your viewing and critical thinking skills. The course will examine film chronology, genre and directorial style along with some film terminology. Students will view approximately 20+ films and will be required to write film critiques that compare and contrast film styles and genres, review and critique character portrayal and performances, as well as demonstrate in class “live” critiques. Historically class has attended theatrical field trips. We will study different genres of film and discover what makes each genre unique. This class will be highly driven by discussion, so participation is essential. I want to hear your opinions about these movies and why they are or they are not worthy films.

  • English III 2nd

    Ended on Wednesday, June 10th

    The junior year English III students focus on American Literature. reading, writing, speaking, and listening concepts will be developed and tested as a necessary means to practical English. The ACT exam is a large focus during the Jr year.