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Contact Information

Mt. Slesse Middle School

Core Teacher 801/802

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Office Hours

My classroom is open at 8am and during all unstructured time during a regular school day for student help or just as a safe place to hang out.
Students may work in my classroom after school until 3:30 on Mondays & Thursdays.

Email preferred!

Parents: jody_raabe@sd33.bc.ca

Parents, please schedule an appointment for after school if you need to speak to me directly.
I am not available Mondays or Thursday (& sometimes Wednesdays) after school because of pre-scheduled meetings.

Office Location

Room S219


A list of my favourite things:

  • my son, the Rascal
  • teaching Shakespeare, especially Much Ado About Nothing!
  • coffee
  • creative writing, especially poetry
  • good, dark chocolate
  • Canada - we drove to all 10 provinces the summer of 2019! 22,000 km!!
  • reading, especially mysteries, historical fiction, and crime fiction
  • Crochet - making things with yarn and a hook relaxes me
  • Genealogy - I have been working on different branches of my family tree for over 20 years! Recently, we managed to find some first- and second-cousins of my parents.
  • Google (duh!)
  • ITLAP Day! (September 19, every year)
  • Star Wars (& May 4 every year - which episode will you watch?)
  • Geek/Towel Day - May 25 - Yes, my towel is with me...
  • have I mentioned coffee or chocolate? They are even better together!
I have been teaching in SD33 since 1998 (was in Delta before that). I rejoined the staff at MSMS in September of 2005 after five years teaching En10, En11, and SS10 at SSS. I have taught Grades 7, 8, and 9 here at MSMS (mostly Grade 8 English and Socials).